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Too far; too soon

An Element of Unreasonability

Wednesday, we started talking about what it means to go to far–in a painting. My answer was: often it is when you haven’t gone far enough. Certainly, sometimes the painting is good but we don’t stop and it feels ruined. Gone too far. But if we push it even farther, and that could be why we continued, then if we just keep going. It might, just might, be even better.

This has been my storyline this week. I’ve gone into my studio, faced some paintings that looked okay, but wasn’t satisfied with just okay. I’ve been pushing and pushing and losing and pushing again. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t. But I am finding it, as usual, exciting to try, to keep going until I can’t go any further. Then I go further anyway.  Strangely enough, they seem to be getter closer to what is right, unchangeable.  Far enough.  The painting tells mr when that happens. I just have to listen.


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