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There’s Been a Terrible Mistake


Last week was the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax. The highlight for me was a short (forty minute) film, There’s Been a Terrible Mistake, portraying a comedic look at grief. And yes, it is a comedy about grief and it can be done–and brilliantly if you are Jasmine Oore. The film was a mixture of acting and animation, so beautifully crafted it felt seamless. It was about coming to terms with a time in Jasmine’ life when she was seriously inured and her fiancé was killed in a car crash they were both in.

One of the strong points, for me, was, in her search for understanding and meaning of the terrible “mistake”, she wasn’t looking for closure. I feel there is always another level, more to understand, about all of life’s “events” involving intense emotions, and thinking there is an end only makes it harder, at least for me.  Then I am not side-lined by memories and emotions that arise when least expected.  Just something more to understand, experience.

And, when you see the film, and I hope you do get a chance to see it, look for my orange painting on the orange wall in the Consolation Cafe. This hot painting looks real cool there!

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