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Some days seem to have a surprise built in somehow. A friend recently mentioned how there are days when he wakes up in the morning but just wants to pull the covers up and stay there all day. Then after a cup of coffee, his energy shifts and he feels eager for whatever the day brings. It feels like a mystery, how the energy can shift so quickly.

For me, getting up in the morning has always been easy. And coffee is not a good friend. If I feel slow, movement helps.

But what does surprise me, what shifts my energy, is when I go into my studio with either no desire to paint, maybe little interest or an intention of doing one thing and find I am doing something completely different, usually something very intense and involved. I become totally absorbed.

Often it is the same with interactions with people. I might think I am really not going to enjoy someone’s company but then, to my surprise, do so. Have a deep communication with the person, or a wonderful time at a party I dreaded going to. Prejudging can be a handicap, no doubt. But sometimes I think I do it to avoid disappointment. If I don’t expect much, then good things will feel wonderful. The tricks we play with our minds!


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