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Setting the sails

P1020623, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

Yesterday my friend Jenny Wu asked me if I could do my life over, would I choose this one again. A hard question to answer. It’s a yes and no answer. The question came after I told her I talked a lot at the wedding with my ex-husband’s brother and sister. We talked about his quirks and oddities, and even his good qualities. We shared some thoughts and laughs about the past.

So would I want to change my life? Not as it is now. If I could have the same parents, the same family and opportunities being who I am now, knowing what I have learned in this life, then yes, it would be good. I probably would make different choices so it would then be a different life. It may have been difficult to get here this lifetime, but I like where I am. So I’ll stay here for now.


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