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Hope Blooms

Daylily, July 7, 2010, originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

People are still talking about it. The young kids from lower income families who made a pitch to the Dragon Den and walked away with four times what they asked. Plus lots of help for their endeavors, help with marketing, promotion and production. Last Wednesday, for the first time, I watched Dragons’ Den. I watched because I knew a group of Halifax youth would be making their pitch for a salad dressing company they started here in the north end. They had taken an abandoned lot full of weeds and debris and turned it into a luscious garden of herbs. From the plants, they make delicious salad dressings. I know: Aaron had given me one as a gift last year. They have been selling out each week at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning. And, two dollars of every sale goes to a scholarship fund. These are children who might have ended up on the street. Now they are successful entrepreneurs, with a world of possibilities before them. Even the Dragons had tears of admiration and joy for this amazing group of young people.

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