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Here is a very inspiring and beautiful film by Sarah Moon of an amazing man, Andre Francois, an artist-poet. Not only is his artwork exciting, his thoughtfulness about the work, about his life, about art and inspiration, is profound.  At age 87, his studio burnt to the ground, taking with it, years of work.  Within six months, he had made, from the ashes, literally, sixty new pieces of art.  A beautiful testament to the power of creativity.

If you have twenty-five minutes in your day, it would be time well spent to see this.  Age does not necessarily stop intelligence and insight. If anything, it can enhance and deepen understanding.  Time has its own energy.

Andre Francois died in 2005 at eighty-nine.  He was best known for his cartoons.  His artwork reveals the satirical humor and sensitivity of his poetic nature.


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