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NYC March 4, 2012 , originally uploaded by leyaevelyn.

New York City is like bread: comfort food that leaves you wanting more. And makes you feel you don’t need anything else. When I lived here, I thought The City was the center of the world; it should become a separate state, be a country unto itself. Now that I have lived away for almost thirty years, I see it with a tourist’s view. Almost.

Tamar asked me yesterday if I felt nostalgic when we walked around old neighborhoods where we used to live. I’m not sure how to answer that. After years on a secluded lakeside property in Nova Scotia, the activity of NYC is exciting. But I’m not sure I could take it every day, ever again. I’m not nostalgic in a way that would want me to come back here to live. I do have fond memories. In fact, I never thought I would leave. I just did because I could and it was right. Things like that just seem to happen. No regrets.


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