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Bears and bunnies

This photo was in my inbox this morning:  confirmation of a black bear siting at the end of my road yesterday evening.  When I first moved here, the wildlife consisted mainly of bunnies and deer. Very sweet but annoying. The struggle was keeping them out of my garden. Now, as more and more houses are being built in this area, it is bears and coyotes. As the city expands for people, the country animals move closer. After all, we are taking their land away.

About ten years ago I had two bears playing with my compost bin.  I called a neighbor who then came over in his car with his two boys.  The bears wandered slowly off into the woods.  Later they were trapped and taken to a more suitable home for them.  I saw a coyote early in the morning a week ago.  Another coyote was spotted at the other end of the road a few days later.  A walk in the woods is a more cautious experience now.


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