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As time goes by and the weather stays clear

In the past few days I’ve written several blog posts in my head but none have been translated into print. For the long weekend I was busy with house guests. It was a wonderful few days. Evelyne Brader from Halde Galleri in Switzerland was here with her husband Reto and their two boys, Andrin and Roman. The time was full and passed far too quickly. The only down-part was when my well went dry close to the beginning of their visit.  Otherwise it was perfect–both the company and the weather.

We, in various combinations, went to a wedding in the neighborhood, a walk in the woods, boatrides on the water, a trip to Peggy’s Cove (while I waited for the water truck to come fill up my well), dinner in Halifax, and played almost continuously with a very happy, pushy puppy, Lila.

The morning before they left, Evelyne looked at the work in my studio.  Besides being enthusiastic and encouraging about my new paintings, she told me people are often surprised when she tells them how old I am.  Because of the energy of the work, they expect me to be much younger.  She tells them a younger person couldn’t do paintings like these.  I find that to be the ultimate compliment.


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