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Yesterday I braved the icy roads and went into Halifax to join Aaron and Joanne for brunch. He was born forty-two years ago in New York City. We’ve come a long way since then. He moved here to Nova Scotia with me when he was fifteen. It was a good move for both of us. But Aaron went on to school in New Hampshire, spent some time in NYC, then to Montreal, back here a few times and then back to Montreal and then Ottawa, with eight months recently in the UK. And back here now, finally.

We both like living here.  Joanne likes it too.  It’s nice.  Really.  I had a friend once who was very nice when I first met him, very decent, kind, intelligent.  But, when he was older, he said, with a mischievous smile, he didn’t want to be nice.  He wasn’t.  He then caused himself and people around him a lot of pain.  He’s gone.  There’s something very special about nice.  Probably something that comes with leaving not-nice behind.  The only struggles that seem worthwhile right now are with my painting.  Those challenges are exciting, even though not always nice.  Even, sometimes, very messy.  That’s not to say unpleasant things don’t happen.  They do.  It’s just how you look at them, how you let them affect you.  There’s my favorite Buddhist saying:  “Change your attitude and relax as it is.”  Not easy at first but so rewarding.

For brunch, we went to a lively restaurant called the Brooklyn Warehouse.  I don’t know if it’s the name, the atmosphere or the food, but it keeps drawing us back for birthday celebrations.  We went there for my birthday lunch as well.

Aaron and Joanne before brunch/lunch:

Than we went to Chez Tess on Charles Street for desert.  They are a new creperie, opened in October I believe, and recently purchased a painting of mine.  It takes up all of one wall and looks very good in the room.  It has never photographed well but I think with A & J in front of it, it looks just fine:

And then dessrt, one of the best creme brulee ever!



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