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‘Tis the season

Posted on December 25, 2020 by leyaevelyn



It is close to, probably past, the eighteen year anniversary of this blog. Hard to believe. Like a lot of other things these days.

There have been times when I thought I couldn’t write any more, as if I was done here. But then something would come up, urge me on. I started this blog when I was visiting my daughter Tamar in Los Angeles one Christmas vacation. I would get a three weeks break between semesters when teaching at the art college in Halifax. The strangest thing at first when spending Christmas in Los Angeles was seeing the palm trees decorated for the holiday and also not having to wear a heavy coat. No snow, never below freezing. Strange thing now though is it is record breaking warm weather here too much of the time. It’s Christmas eve as I write this and it was warm and sunny all day. No snow (only in photographs right now).  But still, no palm trees here yet.

Tamar kept a blog back then and it seemed a good way for me to connect with her when I wasn’t there. It was (and is) a kind of conversation that was (and is) both private and public. She has since stopped her blog and moved on to novels.

There were a few years way back when some people ran something called “Christmas Dailies”. It was fun, writing and posting every day within a community doing the same. It was a lightweight, non-confrontational competition to keep up with other bloggers. I think I need that kind of prod to keep up that pace.

I am still erratic about entries but do intend to continue, probably in my “more or less” fashion. Stay tuned.

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